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Support Devices Post Injury

If you perform any type of physical training long enough than injuries are definitely going to happen from time to time. How you deal with the injury is what will determine how fast you can return to your best self. Many people continue to train through injuries with the use of braces, medical tape and other support devices. In the following newsletter, we will examine when and how long the use of these support devices […]

Importance of Fitness for Officers

We recently had a discussion about the importance of fitness for police officers and all first responders. It was a discussion that we felt would be very well received because we wrongly assumed that everyone would be in 100% agreement about the importance of fitness as it relates to performing their jobs. This was not the case. We had an officer argue that they have made a conscious choice to forgo training so that they […]

Meal Prep Services

Police personnel and all first responders are notorious for their poor dietary habits, but you are not alone. This is a common problem in our society in general. Many officers we interview in our fitness assessment identify the lack of proper nutrition as a major barrier in reaching their fitness goals. Some say they have no idea what to eat. For many, portion sizes seem to be misunderstood which contributes to unwanted weight gain. Others […]

Benefits of Massage Therapy for Tactical Operators

Tactical operators such as police, military and fire obviously can have a very physical and stressful job. Your regular work day can be filled with stressors that a normal person may not face in a year or even a lifetime. Exposure to danger, human misery, death, critical decision making etc. can lead to physical issues and elevated levels of your main stress hormone called cortisol. In the following newsletter, we will discuss the power of massage therapy as […]

Smarter, Healthier Grocery Shopping

In America today, there are so many food choices that making a smart food decision can seem like an overwhelming task. Billions of advertising dollars are spent each year enticing you to eat one food brand over another. These advertisements include “diet food and drink brands” that are sold as being a healthy alternative for you. If you are preparing your own meals, healthy eating begins with the choices that you make at your grocery […]

Training Around Injuries

At MADE Fitness and Training Center, we have a 75-year-old gentleman that has been training with us consistently for the last 5 years. In that time, he has only missed a period of 6 weeks due to knee replacement surgery. He inspires everyone that sees him to train harder. His training consistency did not begin when he started working out with us.  He has been consistently active his entire life. Some examples of his active […]

The Bottom-Up Pushup

The pushup has been a staple in performance and fitness testing for first responders, military personnel, and civilians a like, for numerous decades.  Even as school age children, we were put through the push-up gauntlet during PE class.  Some people are great at them, doing upwards to a 100 or more, while some of us struggle.  Regardless of what level you are at, and no matter how antiquated it is, the push-up is one of […]

Snacks On The Go

When we interview our law enforcement clients, one of the most common reasons for poor nutritional habits is that it is hard to find something nutritious to eat on the go. The recent change to 12 hour shifts has made the problem of finding something to eat at work even worse.  Some officers tell us that they are eating breakfast, lunch and dinner away from home during their shift. In the following article, we will […]

Best Fast Food Options for Officers

In our last newsletter, we discussed some nutritious snack foods that could be eaten on the go during long 12-hour shifts. One category of food we mentioned was high protein and low in unhealthy fat. Another category mentioned was complex carbohydrate, low sugar foods. Consumed in the proper quantity, these foods can provide the body with the energy needed to perform on duty without being stored as excess body fat. We understand that it may […]

Beat the Heat

As many of you know working outside this time of year can be extremely difficult. Environmental factors such as high air temperature, direct sunlight, high humidity, and auto exhaust can even make working this time of year hazardous to your health, if not properly prepared. In the following newsletter, we will identify some tips to help you beat the heat this summer. Also attached is a video with training tips for helping to learn or […]