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Abdominal Training

When we think of abdominal training or training of the major core muscles, we often envision the well defined six-pack of the stomach area.  Obviously, this is a major area of the core muscle group and one area that many people observe to aesthetically assess a person’s fitness (although this can be misleading), but when you talk about training the core it encompasses much more than how it looks.  If you do the job long […]

Home Gym Equipment

Winter is over and summer is on its way.  The time for getting in shape is now. Putting in the work starting today will help you enjoy the summer so much more. Getting off that winter weight and building lean muscle enhances summer activities, builds confidence, and helps keep officers healthy as warm weather criminal activity increases.   


Many officers we talk too tell us that time is a major reason that they are not […]

Nutritional Fueling and Hydration 



If you ask most people what they think is the weakest link in their health or one of the areas that is the hardest to do when it comes to their health, most would say it is eating right and drinking enough fluids.  As a law enforcement officer this even is more true.  Hectic and unpredictable work environments, high levels of stress, late work hours, are just a few things that also compound an officer’s ability to […]

Krav Maga for Fighting, Fitness, and Fun  

In the previous two newsletters, we have discussed using forms of combat sports like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Boxing as a great way to stay in shape. We also mentioned how integrating elements of combat sports can be job specific to police work and therefore, could be a more effective method of exercise than hours of treadmill and elliptical training. In today’s newsletter, we would like to discuss Krav Maga as another great option for an officer looking […]

Box N Burn Heavy Bag Work

In our previous newsletter, we discussed the importance of adding combat sports elements to the fitness routine of a Tactical Operator. By adding these elements to your workout, we can partially replicate aspects of a physical altercation or fight. Of course, being an expert martial artist could be beneficial in police work but not everyone has the lifestyle or desire to make this a reality.
At MADE Fitness and Training Center, we […]

Combat Sports and the Tactical Athlete

What is a combat sport? It is an activity or martial art that replicates, in part or whole, an element of a physical altercation or fight. Boxing, Wrestling, Judo, MMA, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) fall along these categories. Tactical athletes don’t need to be as strong as possible. Overemphasis on strength training comes at a cost of other required fitness attributes – especially endurance and work capacity. There are many types of training […]

Flexibility and Mobility Exercise Techniques

When most police officers think of increasing their physical performance and fitness, the focus is usually on muscular strength, power, cardiovascular conditioning, and overall endurance. Although these factors are critical, an often overlooked and neglected component is that of flexibility and mobility training. With the addition of this to your current exercise program, you will see increases in your recovery time, increased range of motion while performing your law enforcement duties as well as when […]

Meal Planning Made Easy

In our previous  newsletter we discussed weight management apps for establishing a proper caloric intake for weight loss or maintenance. We strongly encourage you to use the  MyFitnessPal app or any of the other popular nutrition apps if you are looking to make some positive weight management changes. The first step to weight management is establishing a goal. The nutrition apps help you in doing so.  We at MADE Fitness can also help […]

A Basic Guide to Cleaning Up Your Diet


Many people pick January 1st as a time to make some positive changes in their lives. Some of the most common changes that people attempt is to try to change their eating habits, start working out, and lose weight. If you have any of these goals please read our basic guide to cleaning up your diet. We have also attached a quick and simple workout with a video explanation that anyone can do at home with minimal equipment.  


A […]

The Importance of Setting Fitness and Health Goals

They say, “random actions produce random results”. Although it has been repeated to the point of being a cliché, it is very true when it comes to health and fitness.  When you mention goals to the average person who is just getting started with working out or eating better, they tend to reach beyond their current abilities.  Most of the time when they do not reach their lofty goals in a short amount of time, they get frustrated and a give up on their journey.  Hence, the importance of […]