Achieving fitness isn’t easy. If it was, almost everyone you knew would already be at their ideal weight and bodyfat percentage. Cardiovascular related diseases would be severely reduced and there would be no need for the annual weight loss New Year’s resolutions that so many of us make and break. The fact is, that achieving a fitness lifestyle is tough for many of us. We can use all the help and motivation that we can get. In the following newsletter, we will discuss the benefits of fitness heart rate monitors and describe how this fitness tool can be used to help you in your own fitness journey. We also have attached a video showing you an example of how our favorite heart rate monitor can be used to give you instant feedback in your workouts: .

Fitness heart rate monitors basic function is to measure your exercise intensity. Your exercise intensity is calculated from a percentage of your maximum heart rate. Wearing a heart rate monitor can serve as your own personal fitness coach during any physical task. Instant feedback from a heart rate monitor allows you to push forward or pull back on your exercise intensity, according to your training goals. Training at 50%-60% of Heart Rate Max (HRMAX) is consider very light training intensity and can be used to boost recovery. Training 60%-70% HRMAX is considered light intensity and can be used to increase endurance. Training 70%-80% HRMAX is considered moderate and improves efficiency. Training at 80%-90% HRMAX is considered hard and can be used to build speed and endurance. Training at 90% HRMAX and above is consider maximum training. This type of training is usually reserved for interval training because you cannot train at maximal levels for very long without recovery.

Wearing a fitness heart rate monitor can help you measure your progress. For example, if you ran on a treadmill at a constant pace and distance daily and then recorded your average HRMAX throughout each training session, you should find that in a couple of weeks that your average HRMAX will begin drop during future training sessions. At that point, you could choose to increase your pace or increase your distance to continue making fitness progress. Likewise, if you are starting a new fitness routine and you observe that your heart rate is staying near maximum levels, then it might be wise to pull back your intensity during the exercise session so that you may train longer and get the most out of your training.

Fitness heart rate monitors can be an indicator of a problem with your health as well. If your training with a heart rate monitor on a regular basis, you will be very familiar with how your body performs during different physical tasks. If you find that your heart rate has spiked dramatically upward during a familiar physical task when it has not in the past, then it may be an indication of a physical problem and may need the attention of a medical professional.

There are many great fitness heart rate monitors on the market today. One of our favorites is the MYZONE heart rate monitor and training App. The MYZONE can be used with your smartphone and is simple to use. The app records your daily training sessions, puts them in detailed graphs, and gives you an average score based on your training intensity. At the end of the month you get an email recapping your exercise training sessions and you will be given training goals to try to reach for the next month. This provides a huge psychological boost. The MYZONE also records your calories burned in each training session making it an ideal tool for those who are trying to lose weight and need to create a daily calorie deficit to do so. One of the best functions of the MYZONE is the visual feedback given on the app. The entire screen on your phone will change colors to correspond to different training zone intensities. That way, you can know exactly what training zone you are in at a glance from about 50 feet away. If you are a competitive person, the MYZONE App allows you to connect with other so you can compete to see who can accumulate the most intensity points for each workout or total intensity points for the entire month. We have attached here a video showing you some of the great functions of the MYZONE fitness heart rate monitor and App.