Testimonials from Those MADE Fit


Justine Kish, WMC World Muay Thai Champion

Justine-Kish-testimonialGarrett Watson, without question, runs the very best group exercise classes that I have ever participated in. The classes are always wonderfully designed and allow for fantastic, results driven workouts that are appropriate for anyone, from beginner to the highest possible fitness levels. Garrett is a terrific motivator, coach and always brings the highest possible energy level. And, to top all of this off, Garrett is a terrific athlete and competitor in addition to bringing vast knowledge into his training modalities whether in classes or in private training sessions.



john-beforeI’m a 40 year old woman who has exercised and been in sports most of my life.  I have had many trainers. I belonged to many gyms.  But the day I walked into the MADE program, my exercise lifestyle and approach changed. I have found the most efficient, challenging, complete body workout at MADE.  Since I started MADE classes, I entered a fitness community of people encouraging each other and believing in Garrett’s workout program G-FIT. The workouts are always changing safely increasing flexibility, endurance and strength. The encouragement and hand on instruction from Fitness Specialist and creator of MADE, Garrett Watson has taken my fitness to a new level. I look forward to the classes and know that I will continue to gain strength. Additionally, another aspect that I didn’t anticipate is that my confidence level has increased and I feel fit. I have more energy now than ever, and I have dropped a noticeable amount of body fat while maintaining muscle mass.

john-bernadette-afterIt gets even better. My husband john, 52 has had Parkinson’s disease for over 10 years.  He also is part of this amazing workout program.  I have seen John increase his upper body strength, build his core muscles, and develop balance through the MADE workout that can sometimes be compromised with his disease . Garrett has us use kettlebells, stability balls, jump ropes, combing ropes, pull up bars just and just about anything else you can imagine, and all through complete instruction and supervision.  With Garrett’s help he has aided John in modifying specific exercises so that he is safe and the exercise remains effective.  John has lost 30lbs, and now averages about 18% body fat.  He is feeling healthier and stronger than ever before thanks to MADE.


Aubre-BurchfieldI had been looking for strength/endurance help after struggling with a civil service physical test.  I was recommended to Garrett Watson because he was “ good guy”, but that doesn’t cover the half of it.  I have been athletic for a long time but as of late, had been in a slump when it came to my upper body strength: particularly my shoulders.  When I asked Garrett if we could meet and talk out some ideas later, he agree but immediately paused what he was doing in order to give me some starter drills that I could work until then.  After doing 3 simple exercises that I had not thought of before, I cut my drill time by 7 seconds.  It may not seem like a lot, but when you are only allowed 16 seconds to succeed, 7 seconds is a miracle.  Garrett is knowledgeable, creative and easy to get a hold of when the routine needs tweaking.  He is personable and good hearted and extremely comfortable to be around.  I would recommend this gentleman to anyone needing help.  Although their reasons for a trainer may not be the same as mine, I believe Garrett can come up with the solution.

Allison Simpson

allisonAs a flight nurse, I am often in situations that are very physically and mentally demanding; situations that require me to perform at my utmost best. After conquering some serious medical problems, I saw my physical endurance and stamina slipping; it was a pivotal moment in my life. It was the moment I decided to get healthy! Once I made this decision, my search for the best personal trainer began. Throughout my search, one name kept coming up…Garrett Watson.

Garrett came highly recommended to me for his experience and skill. I contacted him right away. After speaking with Garrett, his professionalism and knowledge was proven to be true. I started personal training session with him right away, and after 3 years, I have never looked back. Garrett tailors workout routines for my personal needs and is constantly monitoring my nutrition intake so that I can get the most out of my hard work. Garrett has helped me achieve and maintain a level of physical fitness that has allowed me to be successful at my career. I can perform at my best, in all cases…. confined space, crazy weather, long hours and stressful environments. Garret Watson has not only MADE me more physically fit; he has MADE me a more self-confident individual, a successful flight nurse, and most of all, a happier person. He has MADE me healthy, inside and out!

Megan and Michael Trevino

Trevinos-beforeAfter moving to Louisville from Michigan, both my wife an I worked midnights and started bad eating habits with fast food and did not exercise often and when we did work out it wasn’t the correct way or with intensity. We put on more weight when we had our daughter, we used the excuse of we had no time or energy. Finally one day Megan was fed up with how we looked and felt, that’s when she found trainer Garrett Watson who was teaching a kettlebell cross training class and offered personal training sessions as well.

trevinos-afterFrom the very first day Garrett had us moving and pushing harder than we ever have before, and most importantly with correct form. Combined with changing our eating habits and training with Garrett Watson, I went from 260 pounds to 189 in 11 months and my wife Megan went from 175 to 120 in the same amount of time. One of the best qualities of a trainer like Garrett is that he finds ways to motivate you without making you feel bad about yourself. He will tailor your workout for your specific needs and abilities.

Garrett said that “The goal is to teach you how to workout so that one day you don’t need me anymore.” That type of honest character is what we love about Garrett.  We always talked about how he was very good at his job as a trainer because he knows how to talk to people. Training with Garrett Watson has changed our lives forever, we feel great and look great and we lead by example for our daughter to live a healthy lifestyle. We highly recommend Garrett to anyone who is looking to make a change but feels intimated about having a trainer.

Donald L. Renn- LCPL, United States Marine Corps

I had always gone to the gym to lift weights because, after all, that was always the way I knew to maintain a high level of fitness.  After years of using this approach I still felt as if there was something better I could be doing.  I met Garrett in 2011 and decided to give his program a try for a month to see if I enjoyed it or if I would go back to my normal weight lifting routine.  From the first workout I knew this was going to be completely different than anything I had experienced before.  By the time my first month was over, I was hooked.  I immediately noticed results in not only my fitness level, but even my overall mindset about health.  As much as I enjoyed this program, I would learn the true value of both the class and Mr. Watson later in the year.

Donnie-ReenAt the end of 2011, I made the decision to enlist in the United States Marine Corps.  One of the trademarks of boot camp and being a Marine in general is maintaining a high standard of fitness.  My biggest concern about heading to Parris Island was if I would be able to meet the physical demands.  I talked to Garrett about these concerns I had but he assured me that with his help, I’d be ready to go.  The months leading up to shipping out were transformative for me.  A room full of kettlebells, ropes and sand bags gave me the ability and belief to meet any standard I would face.  From a physical standpoint, I couldn’t have been more prepared than I was.  I said it the day I graduated boot camp and I still say it today, there is no way I could have done it without Garrett and this program. This class will completely change the way you think about working out and more importantly, it will change what you believe you are capable of doing.

It is not easy and it is not for everyone.  If you have a desire to push yourself to new limits, here you will find a trainer who genuinely cares about each and every member, regardless of fitness level.  I have no doubt that Garrett can push anyone to new levels, and I also have no doubt that you’ll never have more fun doing so.  Just as I am proud to call myself a Marine, I am proud to be in this program and proud to recommend it to anyone I meet.  If you’re ready to see what you can do, Made Fitness is where you need to be.