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Kettlebell Hybrid Training

Be ready for any challenge with MADE Fitness Kettlebell Hybrid Training (KHT). Kettlebell HT unleashes the power of RKC Hardstyle Kettlebell training and combines it with other Cross Fitness methodologies to create an all-in-one, incredibly effective training system. We combine strength, endurance, flexibility, and durability in every workout, unlike any other system. Anyone can succeed in this program, but it is not for everyone. Kettlebell HT is for people that are looking for real results in a safe manner and have decided that they are ready to be pushed to reach their full potential.

The workouts are always high intensity, but are scaled to meet the needs of the individual. Kettlebell Hybrid Training is not just a fitness class. It is an ongoing exploration into the best fitness techniques to unlock hidden physical potential and mental toughness. You will constantly be asked to learn new techniques and raise your level to meet new challenges. The Kettlebell HT program is much like a martial arts program. You can never master a martial art, you will simply improve, evolve, and grow as you continue to train. Kettlebell HT uses this same methodology. We are always improving, evolving and growing to meet the needs of our athletes. This program was designed for people from all walks of life including serious athletes, tactical operators, and anyone looking to get a competitive edge.

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