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In today's digital age, where screens dominate and outdoor activities often take a backseat, MADE Fitness and Training Center offers a refreshing, dynamic alternative for our youth. We believe in the boundless potential each child holds, and our Youth Fitness Training Camp is curated to unlock that. Beyond the physical prowess, we emphasize the life skills – resilience, discipline, teamwork, and determination.

Our intimate, supportive environment ensures every child feels seen, heard, and celebrated. Whether it’s their first venture into fitness or they’re budding athletes seeking advanced training, we embrace them with open arms. We take pride in watching our young members transform, not just into fitter individuals, but into confident and empowered future leaders. Join us, and let's craft a brighter, healthier future together for your child.

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Youth Fitness Camp

Here at MADE Fitness and Training Center, we take Youth Fitness and Conditioning to the next level.

MADE Youth Fitness Training Camp is a fun and engaging 6 week fitness program designed to benefit our young athletes in sport and in life. In a group setting, we teach and build on the fundamentals of fitness: strength, cardiovascular conditioning, speed, power, agility, flexibility, reaction, and core strength. Each class is structured to help kids learn new skills, build confidence, and develop team work and perseverance through physical and mental challenges. We utilize a variety of training tools including: kettlebells, medicine balls, agility ladders, rowers, stationary bikes, TRX and more. No two classes are the same. Kids and teens never get bored and the originality of each workout keeps them motivated and participating.

MADE’s Youth Fitness program makes exercise fun, exciting, and welcoming for all fitness levels. Our experienced instructors adjust and modify movements to ensure each participant is getting a safe, effective workout that is best for their body. We teach them how to properly perform strength training movements, cardio exercises, and stretches.

For kids who are new to exercise, our program introduces them to fitness at an early age and makes it easier for them to continue this “healthy habit” outside of the gym. For kids who are already exercising or playing sports, our program is designed to help them reach their next level of fitness and improve their performance. It is our goal to motivate each kid to pursue activity and exercise in their daily lives, keeping them strong, committed, and healthy!

We would love to work with your team or small group.

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