Meet the Trainers of MADE Fitness and Training Center

At MADE Fitness, we believe in bringing the best to our community. That promise is fulfilled by our seasoned trainers, each with their unique journey and expertise. Garrett Watson, the founder, is the driving force behind MADE, translating over a decade of passion and experience into offering unparalleled training in the region. Tony Denham, a previous MADE student, with a commendable 20-year tenure at the Louisville Metro Police Department, brings a commitment evident from his years in coaching youth sports and leading pitching clinics. Joe Manning, a former MADE student and, a dedicated former police lieutenant, combines his love for fitness with a natural instinct for mentoring and guidance. Together, they build up and break down the community that is MADE Fitness, ensuring every member benefits from a pool of diverse, profound experiences.

Garrett Watson - CSCS, RKC, CK-FMS | Tony Denham | Joe Manning - CSCS, TSAC-F

The MADE Trainers

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Garrett Watson

Owner and Founder

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Bob Dietz



Branden McCauley



Ben Lundy